8 Tricks to generate visibility for your dev blog

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Posted by on November 02, 2015 8 Tricks to generate visibility for your dev blog

My blog has been started on Septemper 9th, 2015. I wrote 10 relevant posts in my blog until now and pubished an article in a dev magazine. The first month was very successfull.

To generate visivility I test diffrent strategies and ideas and finally use following eight tricks to raise my visibility.

  1. Tweet a few times per week e. g. about a new article, an idea or other relevant stuff.
  2. Comment and recomment on blogs, ivolve others and only link to your post if it is relevant!
  3. Get in touch with others on diffrent platforms like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, StackOverflow, Reddit, coderwall, etc!
  4. Still improve your blog, new features are welcome!
  5. Use technical standards like structured data, open graph and twitter cards.
  6. Share your posts on relevant platforms like Twitter, dzone and sitepoint versioning
  7. Be yourself!
  8. Don’t force your self to write an article, if you aren’t motivated. One article per week is perfectly good.