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Dynamic bootstraping with middlewares

Posted by on September 24, 2015 modern PHP application bootstraping

Modern Applications need a modern easy to use and extend worklflow with decoupled dependecies. A few framewroks like slim or StackPHP are using middlewares to deliver a extensible workflow on application level.

Since I’m working on an own collection of components to speed up my projects - private and @ work - to build a soultion on a resuable code base with in a short time.

Setup with a Bootstrap

My first idea was to decouple any task of setup from my application in to an Bootstrap.


$application = new Furnace\Application\Application();
$bootstrap = new Furnace\Application\Bootstrap(__DIR__ . '/../app');

//start booting of my bootstrap
$response = $application->run();

The idea is still good. My application is aware of all dependecies, the configuration and it’s context while the bootstrap is setting my application up for it’s runtime environment, like web, restApi or CLI.

Instead of using a monolitic Bootstrap, I want to be able to include all setups with a middleware dynamically. The middleware is running an instance of SetupInterface which is defind as follows:


namespace Furnace\Application;

interface MiddlewareInterface
    public function execute(ApplicationInterface $application);

A new Bootstrap definition would look like this:


use Furnace\Application;

$application = new Furnace\Application\Application();
$middleware = new Furnace\Application\MiddlewareCollection();
     * @param array $environemnts valid environments
     * @param bool  $autodetect 
    new Setup\Environments(['development', 'staging', 'testing', 'production'], true),
     * @param array $configpath
     * @param bool  $environment aware 
    new Setup\Configuration(__DIR__ . '/../config/', true),
    new Setup\ErrorHandling(),
    new Setup\Logging(),
    new Setup\Modules(),
    new Setup\ServiceProviders(),
    new \Custom\Setup\SilexServiceProviders(),

//or simple add
$middleware->addMiddleware(new \Custom\Setup\GeoCoder());

//or lamda stuff
  $application->getContainer()->add('bar', new \Bar);

//boot application

//you may want to do somthing fancy here!?

//dispatch and get the response
$response = $application->run();

Now we got a new decoupled, efficent way of application bootstraping.

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